About Us

Hello! ūüĎčūüŹĹ

Welcome to Lime Tree Bower: your wedding and event magicians.

We're known for bringing your dream event vision to real life. Creating uniquely tasteful, brilliant and artistic weddings and events across Sydney, Australia and destinations worldwide.

Lime Tree Bower was founded in late 2014 by Helen Wu, a creative arts lover and former product manager. Our team shares a passion for designing memorable experiences that are authentic, timeless and innovative. We're all about doing things differently and challenging the norm.

We offer tailored and bespoke creative design services, ranging from floristry and wedding styling, to event planning and educational workshops.
What Makes Us Different


Whilst we have a signature aesthetic
that is whimsical and artistic, our real strength lies in our ability to blend our designer touch with your dream theme.


We're masters at taking what's in your head, and piecing it all together to bring it to life. Using our intuitive design skills, we turn your minimal instructions into a truly memorable experience.


We strive to be great humans: doing right by one another, being of service & being kind to the Earth. Engaging with fellow humans that echo these values is important to us.

Meet Our Team

We're a nimble core team, plus our super talented wider team of freelance superstars that support us on-site at all our weddings and events!

Ever since Helen was a kid, she's been a creative at heart. Whilst building careers in business and technology, she always had a creative outlet. Never one to help care for her Mother's obsession with growing flowers during childhood, she finally saw the light in late 2014 after a visit to the flower markets.

Lime Tree Bower evolved half a year later and has become Helen's full-time pursuit since 2017. Helen is involved in all aspects of the business, from early flower market visits, to creating this website, whilst continuing to dream up new ways to innovate, grow and keep things interesting!

Favourite flower: Tulip
Coffee: Long Black
Next dream holiday: Summer, Greece
Go-to karaoke tune: Pretty Fly...

Event Manager

Brenna always loved throwing parties for her friends, ever since her teenage years. She discovered her love for flowers during her time freelancing, whilst studying event management. She joined the team full-time in 2018.
From planning details in the lead up to a LTB wedding or event, to on-site designing and team management, Brenna's involved in all aspects of the business.

She's a self-professed "food addict" - having some fresh handmade pasta delivered to her whilst sipping cocktails on a beach would be her ideal arvo.
Favourite flower: Dahlia
Coffee: Cappuccino with honey
Next dream holiday: Winter, Japan
Go-to karaoke tune: No way!

Studio Mascot

The first six months for Marshmallow was rather unfortunate, with lots of movement and change due to changes in family circumstances. Luckily for him, Helen was madly trawling Gumtree looking for a dog at the time when Marshmallow was listed.

Helen went to meet him and ever since that fateful weekend, it's been the start of a beautiful companionship. He appreciates smoked salmon, and enjoys sun bathing and tummy rubs like you wouldn't believe. He gets easily cold in winter, so is a sucker for cute sweaters and coats.

Favourite flower: Yuck..
Coffee: Ewww...
Next dream holiday: Helen's bed
Go-to karaoke tune: I don't sing

Studio & On-Site Superstars

It takes a dream team of talented hands to put on an amazing event, particularly at scale and within a short timeframe. We are so grateful for the support of our go-to crew, with special shout outs to our regular superstars: Nerija, Amelia, Robyn, Rosi, Alison, Tegan and Kim!

Ready to create magic together?