About Lime Tree Bower

We're known for our artistic and whimsical floral design and styling aesthetic, with our inspiration coming from our love for fine art (particularly the Impressionists) and haute couture.

We love to use seasonal, locally grown blooms as much as we can. Candles, soft fabrics, texture, colour, ceramics and fruit are all things that melt our hearts.

Together with our team and preferred vendors, we provide full floral design services (think wedding bouquets, ceremony and reception florals, floral ceiling installations, cake florals etc), and event design and coordination.

We also host workshops and have our gift shop online, with bouquets and terrariums that can be made to order.

Meet Helen...

I've had a life-long creative addiction since childhood. When I was a kid, I'd religiously watch Art Attack on TV twice-daily, followed by multiple craft projects of my own inspired by the show.

After nearly heading down the path to study fashion design, I ended up studying business and foreign languages. Spending a year in Paris in 2009 for a study exchange reignited my artistic passions and entrepreneurial spirit.

Following university, I began working at a software company during the day, and blogging / crafting at night, whilst also fostering a balcony garden on weekends. My appreciation for flowers grew as I nurtured seeds into beautiful specimens, like tulips and chincherinchees. I started teaching myself how to make terrariums and arrange flowers. And fell in love with it all.

What started as a hobby in late 2014 slowly grew, with the support of friends and family, and I soon began designing and creating bouquets and floral arrangements for weddings around Sydney.

When I'm not floral-ing it up, I enjoy practising yoga, watching Australian football, and feasting on cinnamon donuts.

Meet the rest of the team...

Alice, Coordination Lead

Alice has been a Wedding Planner and Stylist since 2015. It was actually by chance that she realised her passion for styling and planning weddings, through the experience of planning her own. With an amazing background of 10+ years combined of client relationships management and project management experience in corporate sectors, Alice has leveraged her extensive skills and expertise with coordinating large scale projects into the wedding scene!

Since then, she has successfully planned and styled numerous weddings in different locations around Sydney. She has also been involved in editorial photo shoots that have made appearances in various publications - it was through one of these that she met Helen and they totally clicked!