Lime Tree Bower 2015 Year in Review

Wow. Hello there. It's definitely been a while :)

December definitely got the better of me. It's evident by the fact that I've been missing in action on this favourite spot of mine since November 13th - the blog! One of my goals for 2016 will be to get back into this regular rhythm, but that's for another post in itself.

Today's focus is a wrap up of 2015, a celebratory review of the past year.

I did a similar post around this time last year and it was a great exercise. Too often, I find with my go-go-go mentality of "what's next?", "what's the next goal?", that I miss out on seriously stepping back and getting a good look at what I've achieved to date. And this is not just work-specific. After all, life is work and work is life, like Picasso's - if you haven't read this amazing article, then do it now. It's a quick read and you won't regret it.

Firsts from 2015

  • Featured in a print magazine - a few times!
  • Travelled to the south coast of France, Croatia and Austin in the US
  • Relatively consistent practice of yoga throughout the year
  • Got engaged
  • My body has never felt better, thanks to discovering active release therapy and finding a practitioner who's worked magic on my muscles
  • Witnessed the magic that is Florence + The Machine live - finally!
  • Tasted comté (my fave cheese) that has matured for 24 months long
  • Co-created a desktop wallpaper
  • Watched the BBC version of Pride & Prejudice (I can't believe this hasn't happened earlier)
  • Caught a 5kg blue fin tuna off the Indian ocean 
  • Visited a local flower farm

Wins from 2015

  • Decided to let go of the brand that was Helarious and focus purely on Lime Tree Bower - a great decision that I took fairly soon after I tried juggling both for a couple of months
  • Involved in so many epic collaborations with wonderful and talented creatives around Sydney
  • Hit the goal of my reading challenge for the year - 18 books
  • Found the most gorgeous swan vase in an incredible store in Austin
  • Hectic late November to December of back to back 5 weddings in a row whilst still working in my day job full time, and came out of it all alive
  • Officially began house hunting :) 
  • Hit 3k on Instagram

Faves from 2015

  • Spending a whole Saturday collaborating with a bunch of talented ladies from around Sydney, putting together a Christmas in July inspired feast. Probably my favourite artistic floral piece from the year too!
  • Making this custom terrarium for a client, and working with such an awesome unique vessel
  • Countless inspiring and fun creative meet ups and friendships with fellow Sydney-siders who continue to inspire and push me in so many ways
  • Creating this wedding bouquet and the completed reception lantern centrepiece looks
  • Witnessing a couple of close friends get married in Sydney and overseas
  • Ran a wreath making / tea blending double workshop with good friends

It's been a pretty good year, the second half more than the first I feel. I can't wait to see how 2016 plans out but I do know that I need to get my hustle back on, as the start of this year has been a bit slow for me. Most likely because I was so fatigued from December, that I've been a bit slow to pick myself up again.

Thank you again for following me on my journey, whoever you are! I appreciate the love, support and interest you have in this passionate floral adventure of mine. I hope 2015 treated you well and 2016 is a whole new bucket of fineness for us all :)