Romantic Floral Arrangement DIY with Make and Tell

I'm very excited about today's blog post, as it's a collaboration between my friend Steph from the gorgeous blog Make and Tell!

Steph creates these wonderfully simple DIYs that always look great, so we decided to hang out one weekend to put our creative hands together and create something awesome together to share with you all. 

Inspired by a young, delicate romance, I set the scene by creating this floral arrangement. It fit perfectly with her diy white vase, don't you think??

Here's how you can put one together yourself!

What you'll need (this is the range I used if you wanted to use the exact same flowers):

  • David Austin roses
  • Roses
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Proteas
  • Ornamental kale
  • Dusty miller
  • Carnations

You can navigate through the image gallery below for each step of the tutorial.

I started with some flowers to set the base, began adding in various varieties and one of the feature proteas. After each step, take a moment to take a look and make sure you're happy with it.

As you start filling the vase out, you can then start adding some filler, like dusty miller and chrysanthemums, as well as the second feature protea.

I hope you enjoyed it! You can check out Steph's post on how she created that lovely vase in the photos above - I assure you that it didn't look like that to begin with! ;)

Let me know if you guys have any questions and I hope you enjoyed this!