8 Creative Ways to Celebrate Galentine's Day

Anyone else a huge fan of Amy Poehler? She gave us Galentine's Day, a day worth celebrating with girlfriends, whether you're single or not! I love the sound of it and think it's a very cool way to make a day out of it and get creative too.

Here's 8 creative ways to celebrate Galentine's Day, which is really just Valentine's Day without the soppiness and traditional romance! If you need an idea to hang out with the girls, try out one of these cool ones:

Host a Galentine's bunch

Invite your favourite pals and ask them all to bring over a plate of food. Deck your place up with balloons like what House of Lars Built did, serve some great cake and get all dressed up!

Throw a succulent planter party

One of the easiest things to do to pretty up any garden or balcony? Get some terracotta pots, paint and masking tape. Invite fellow plant lovers and get all colourful like Brit + Co.

Make flower crowns together

Every day is a flower crown day in my world. Galentine's day is the perfect opportunity to make that flower crown you've been dreaming of wearing. Follow this tutorial to get your DIY on!

Visit the flower markets

Have you been meaning to check out your local flower market? Well here's your chance! Ask your fellow flower loving friends (don't forget to tell them they'll have to get out of bed super early), and go crazy at the flower market! And if it's your first time, make sure you're prepared.


Go crazy decorating donuts

My absolute favourite. You can go absolute nuts with colours, decor and shapes when it comes to decorating donuts, and then you get to eat it to after? I'm sold!

Throw a paper craft party

We spend so much time with digital items these days, that it's actually really nice to go all paper. Even nostalgic! Get some colourful paper and craft supplies, and have a grand old time making cards, having fun with printables and let your creativity run loose.

Make terrariums together

Not keen on painting but still a plant lover? Try making terrariums instead. Go to your local hardware and garden store to pick up all you need. You can also visit your local $2 shop to get bits and pieces to decorate with for cheap, like shells and pebbles.

Go on a road trip with your bestie

With optional heart umbrellas floating out from the car, of course ;)

Image credits: tulips, terrariums, road trip