It’s incredible that we’re a quarter of the way into this current year... 2019, what’s up!

For as long as I can remember, I've undertaken a new years habit that sees me review the previous year, and plan for the year ahead.

It’s evolved a lot throughout the years, from being very methodical and quantitative, to one that’s much more fluid and existential. Back in the day, it used to be very robotic. I’d focus a lot on career ambitions, whilst life/family/all the other stuff seemed to be an obligatory afterthought. Over the past few years however, with what I like to call “maturity” and “life experience” (ha!), I no longer view these segments with such distinct separation lines.

These days, I perceive life as one overarching “blob” - not too different from what this abstract Mecca coffee top view looks like :)

Life is the sum of how we spend our time - the type and amount of energy that we pour into different areas, things and people. Whether that be a gruelling work project, shopping around for a new gym membership or developing a romantic relationship - all this combines together to make up moments of the “life” that we lead.

We choose how we want to spend it, and idealistically, I’d hope that we all choose to spend time doing things that create real joy within us. (Marie Kondo has gotten things right for years!) Doing things that challenge us in positive ways, and help us along our path of self-growth, enlightenment and deep happiness.

With this enriched way of thinking, my traditional view and process of setting goals has been thrown out the window. I normally would have penned a post about this topic by latest February, but we’re now in April and I’m here 🙂 And I’m okay with that. It’s a sign that the first quarter of this year has been absolutely intense, in so many ways, but more on that later.


Here’s a quick summary of how things wrapped up for me in 2018:

  • It was a year filled with unexpected experiences, growth and life lessons.

  • The overarching theme of the year would have been: awakening.

  • If you’re into a little bit of your woo woo, I hit 30 towards the end of the year and experienced my Saturn Return.

  • I learned what worked and didn’t work so well in relation to business. (A definite highlight would have been making the leap and offering Brenna a full-time position!)

  • I started to better understand what my personal values were.

Pretty heavy stuff!

But in life, with the highs, come the lows, and everything in between. Yin/yang.

So with that, this is how I’m approaching 2019:

  • Theme of the year: why not? (this is all about challenging the status quo, learning to be more comfortable with the uncomfortable and making the most of things)

  • Being more intentional throughout all aspects of life - whether it be business, relationships, hobbies, travel etc.

  • Striving towards making a positive impact on other human beings. This could be as relevant as creating beautiful memories for clients, to mentoring friends, to helping out a sibling in a significant manner.

  • Developing the business into something that continues to challenge and fulfil me for the longer term, rather than blindly growing for growth’s sake.

I sat down with Brenna in January and we spent some time sharing our aspirations for the year ahead. I think it’s important to do this, whether you work for yourself, or for someone else. It not only helps keep you accountable, but it also helps you process and validate what you’re thinking when you externalise it with another. Sharing it on here is yet another step in that process.

In hindsight, another big reason why it’s taken me quite some time to get back into “blogging” has been due to my inability to figure out how to “position" the type of content that I’ve been itching to write about. I tend to overthink this kind of positioning thing a bit too much, which ends up making me freeze up. I worry too much about how to “house” the content within the existing Lime Tree Bower website. It’s finally taken me up to now to go fuck it, just start writing you fool, and if it needs to change where it sits online later. You can worry about it if/when it becomes a problem down the track.

With that, I’m extremely excited to start writing more again here, and sharing with you my mix of personal insights, business progress, client stories and events. It’s going to be my unique observations, stories and lessons learned. It’s going to be raw, detailed and meaningful. 

Hopefully you’ll find it either inspiring, educational and/or interesting :)

I certainly don’t pretend to know all the answers. I also don’t think that there’s one “right” way of doing things. Through this process of sharing, I hope my experiences help at least one other person out there in this amazing world of ours.

Let’s raise a glass to 2019!

- Helen

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