Baby Shower Invitation with Miranti Kayess

I met Miranti of Miranti Kayess through blogging and the social media world a few years ago - she's a lovely, kind-hearted creative who creates beautiful lettering and hand calligraphy. I'm always so jealous of her skills!

A little while ago, she had her first baby and just before doing so, we got together to weave florals and letters together to create something beautiful - a baby shower invitation design that combined both our arts.

It was a chance for us to work together for the first time, and do something new that we both hadn't really done before. I'm super impressed with how it all turned out. We started by collaborating over a private Pinterest board and ended up with something moody and earthy, but also bright.

I selected an a range of fairly muted florals that featured little details like berries and teeny leaves: pittosporum, teatree, montbretia, privet berry, carnations and celosia. What do you guys think? Pretty cool huh! Fist bump to Miranti for her lettering and inserting it into the floral photography so well!

As a follow up to this creation, we also got together to create a baby shower picnic, which I'll be blogging about soon in another post. Have a read of Miranti's side of this story in the meantime!