6 Beautiful Ways to Create a Stylish Corporate Event

Stuck for ways to style your upcoming corporate event, office party or team event? There's so many various ways to spruce up an event space or table setting that's outside of the ordinary.

We've pulled together our favourite six ideas to beautify and create a truly stylish corporate event. From adding fruit to ceiling installations, we've got you covered for new and interesting ideas for your next event!


Make an impact on entrance up above

Go minimalist on other areas of a room, in order to free up your budget to invest into installations. They create huge impact for a room, particularly when clients and/or employees first make their entrance - you'll get that 'woah' moment from them for sure!


Use lighting to add a touch of classy glam

If your event will be taking place in the evening, make sure to think about lighting, particularly if the room is already quite dark and moody. Brighten the place up whilst adding a touch of sparkle by stringing up fairy lights, pendant lights or even a chandelier (or two)!

 Photography by  The salty shutter

Photography by The salty shutter


Take it outdoors

Why not think outside the box and organise an outdoor event? Find a beautiful location, like a botanic garden, orchard or park, and you won't need to spend too much time on decorating it up since the context itself is already so lush. 

 Photography by  luisa brimble

Photography by luisa brimble


Incorporate unique elements to tailor to your theme

Have a brainstorm about what components could be added that's in theme with your event brief - for example if it's nautical or beachy - style it up with dainty seashells en masse as centrepieces, driftwood and use shells as name cards.

 Photography by  erin mckenzie

Photography by erin mckenzie


Balloon it up, all over!

Balloons always make us think of parties! Why not add a touch of fun by going balloon crazy as your decor? Balloons aren't just for weddings, they can be just as effectively used for corporate and office events and parties!

 Photography via  geronimo balloons

Photography via geronimo balloons


Jazz up the tables with geometric shapes 

We love the sharp lines of geometric shapes, such as these gorgeous domes used as a feature table centrepiece in the photo below. It provides for a unique touch and the strong lines help create a more formal, classy ambience for any corporate event!


Use fruit to add texture and an element of surprise

Flowers are beautiful as table arrangements, and candles paired with them are the usual go to combination. For something a bit more textured and contemporary, consider adding various fruits and vegetables as decoration alongside the florals. Choose ones that have similar colour tones to complement the flowers and create a beautiful pairing!


Which one's your favourite?

P.S. And if you're looking for some help with styling or floral design for your corporate event, we're here to help! We can collaborate with you to design an amazing event - click here to get in touch and let us know what you have in mind.