Cake Floral Design with Cakes by Cliff for Roxy Jacenko

This was one of my most exciting earlier last year, when the rockstar Cliff from Cakes by Cliff contacted me to work with him on a special birthday cake for Sydney PR queen Roxy Jacenko of Sweaty Betty.

I said yes at the time, I think it was one of the first few cakes I'd ever designed, if not the first! High pressure never felt so good in hindsight.

The colour palette we were working with were pinks and purples, so I picked out a range of florals, including carnations, jonquils, alstroemeria lilies and ageratum. None of these are edible flowers, so they would have had to be taken out before the cake was to be served, but after the paparazzi had its moment of course!

Photo credit: Cakes by Cliff