Christmas Feast Styling

Whilst going running for the first time in a very long time today, it dawned on me that Christmas is quite frankly, coming up too soon. It's ten weeks away. WHAT. Ridiculous!

The funny thing however, is that in July, I got together with a group of super inspiring and creatively talented women in Sydney. We had an idea to contribute all our skills together and put on a christmas-inspired setting. Then time flew, we all got busy and um, christmas is literally upon us, so I thought great timing for a blog post right? :)

We all had our big super cameras, it was pretty cool. The food by Nat, Kate and Lyn was just absolutely divine, plus the platter of desserts and cake by Jen. It was my second time at Lyn's place, and the first at daytime and boy was the most perfect setting - filled with light and her beautiful wares and styling prowess - she has an amazing collection. It left me gobsmacked. 

I had met Mary through Nat and she arrived with newly born bub in tow and her lovely hand lettering skills. Then there was Athena, who I've had the pleasure of meeting through Instagram and she was head photographer of the day!

Too many positive and awe-inspiring emotions were felt that day and still as I pore over the photos. Amazing and thank you all ladies for doing such an incredible job, and enabling my floral creativity to roam wild! 


All the wonderful credits:

Natalie Harvey, House of HarvsCocktail + Mains + Sides

Kate Willbourn-Trevett, Foodies AgendaMains + Sides

Jen Simpson from Bakedown CakeryCakes + Cupcakes + Macaroons + Chocolate Gems

Helen Hung, Lime Tree Bower: Floral Styling + Wreath + Lamp feature

Mary Rizza Cruz: Hand Lettering + Menus + Graphic Design

Athena Zolight_reid: Photography

Lyn McCreanor, In All Things Beautiful: 
Location + Art Direction + Styling +
DIY elements (Paper Wreath + Christmas Crackers) +
Entrees + Sweet Dukkah Spelt Shortbread + Gluhwein

P.S. You can check out more photos over at Lyn's post!