Ranunculus & Daisies Floral Arrangement DIY


It’s the start of a new week and I’m gonna kick it off with my first floral arrangement feature on the blog! Woohoo!

Here’s what you need in terms of ingredients - I’ll also be diving into more detail below, in terms of the thinking that went into selecting each flower:


The ingredients

I find daisies quite hard to work with because they’re so flimsy and the petals quite delicate, but they’re just too pretty and dainty, it’s hard to resist them! Just try to be careful transporting them so they don’t get too tattered in transit.

The ranunculi were extremely eye catching this particular morning, so I decided on the spot that they would become the focus.

Ming fern was something I chose because I wanted a touch of oriental woodland. I couldn’t explain it that morning but I just knew it was the missing ingredient so the moment I lay my eyes on them, I went for it!

And as you can see, the shape and look between the ranunculi (very firm, strong) and daisies (delicate, flimsy) is quite contrasting. To help even this out a bit and provide some balance, I needed something as a ‘filler’ so I opted for the solidaster. Together, this also helped create an analogous colour scheme.


For this arrangement, I started by taking individual blooms and popping them into the vase, varying between ranunculi, daisies and solidaster.

I love my arrangements to have a natural “honey-look-what-I-gathered-from-the-field” look. I find that as you add more flowers into the vase, you’ll typically gain a stronger sense of how it all looks together and whether there’s a visually appealing balance of blooms. 

Last, I added in some ming fern all around the edges, keeping them at a lower height, but purposefully styling them longer and curved upwards on two opposite sides to create an interesting line of sight that mirrored the upward curve of the vase neck.


Alright, that’s it! I hope you guys enjoyed this floral recipe!

Do let me know if you have any questions, or if you’d just like to suggest a specific flower you’d like to see me style.. just shout out in the comment section below! :)