Floral Spotlight on... Baby's Breath

Baby's breath is often used en mass, or as a major complement to roses, but there's so many other ways to use it that's more contemporary and subtle. And that's the way we like to design with it!

A great way to add a touch of whimsical, elegant feeling to your wedding theme, baby's breath helps to create that feeling when used in moderation. Between flower crowns and wedding bouquets, baby's breath surprises us with all it's design versatility! Get inspired by these ideas for your wedding day or event with our round up below for you:

Flower Crown

Flower crowns are always a bride's favorite! And adding baby's breath can add elegance. Pair it with greenery or add some lavender for a touch of color. 

  Source left to right:  Em the Gem ,  The Pretty Blog

Source left to right: Em the Gem, The Pretty Blog


Wedding Bouquets

With wild, luscious wedding bouquets, try adding hints of baby's breath to give it some sweetness and delicacy.

  Source left to right:  Anna + Phillip ,  Vanessa + Kevin   by Lime tree bower

Source left to right: Anna + Phillip, Vanessa + Kevin  by Lime tree bower


Ceremony and Reception Decor

Adding baby's breath to your ceremony or reception decor can bring decadence to your theme. This is where the en masse look can create a very ethereal look without it being too traditional - this is particularly the case when mixed well with soft, light green foliage. 


And there you have it - our spotlight on baby's breath! It's sweet and can be used in so many different ways outside of the classic mixed with roses look.

What do you think? How would you use baby's breath? And what flower would you like to see our spotlight featured on next? Let us know in the comments below!