Flourish Sydney Floristry Intensive Workshop 2020

Flourish Sydney Floristry Intensive Workshop 2020

The 2020 edition of Flourish Sydney, our annual signature two day intensive wedding focussed floral design and floristry workshop, took place across 8th & 9th August at our Roseville studio. It was a rather interesting edition given COVID circumstances, and after one postponement, we were glad to have it finally take place in the back end of the year.

Mina Louise joined us as our on-site photographer across the two days, and all students received photos for them to use in their portfolio post-Flourish. They're so lovely, you can see a handpicked selection below!

The gang in this edition was amazing, 12 incredibly women who have different backgrounds, vocational experiences and floral skill levels. Most came alone, whilst a pair came as friends. Brenna and Helen co-ran this edition and had such a rewarding time getting to know everyone and sharing their craft.

Day 1 included a welcome with icebreakers, design principles overview, a session on bridal bouquets, followed by a session on table arrangement designs. It's always so wonderful to see how everyone's creations turn out so unique, but they're all using the same palette of flowers available to them!

Day 2 followed with a theme of group work, larger scale installations and foam free design techniques. As per the previous year, we ended the two day experience with time available to have an intimately casual Q&A session with students. Topics ranging from how to respond to difficult client emails, pricing, shopping at the flower markets, setting client expectations etc, were all covered, before a little time to mingle further before the group farewell!

Once again, we are so thankful to the students for being a part of Flourish - thank you ladies and it was so lovely to meet you all!

We’re super grateful for the group of students that attended Flourish in 2020! It’s such an honour to be able to teach and share, and receiving such incredibly positive feedback after the closing of the two days is truly humbling. Here’s a testimonial & samples of work from one of our students several months on post-Flourish:

“I just wanted to let you know that I was able to channel what I learnt at Flourish 2020 into my brother and sister's wedding in the Blue Mountains, and it was a big success (despite the gale force winds and heatwave)... Thanks for giving me the confidence and know-how to give it a red hot go!”


Photo by James Day

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