How to Wrap Flowers


I wanted to share with you a quick and lovely DIY tutorial on how to put together a pretty posy, to go with this upcoming weekend’s theme of Valentine’s :)

Start by picking some flowers and arrange it in a bouquet - I'm using a various of roses and carnations because I'm not a huge fan of the traditional Valentine's red.

Grab some wrapping paper - I love using kraft paper as it gives it a really natural look. These pretty heart printed ones are from Daiso.


You want to start by placing the flowers at a diagonal to the wrapping paper, so that the top of the flowers face one pointy corner.

Fold the paper edge on the left side in towards the centre, then fold the bottom flap up. Last, fold the right hand side in towards the centre and finish it off with some pretty ribbon!

And there you have it, a super easy wrapping technique to finish off your bouquet.