DIY Pink & Purple Melbourne Cup Flower Crown

Hello there! I hope you all had a relaxing weekend and you’re ready for a new exciting week. Personally, I’m excited as I’ve got some fun content planned for you :)

Now to get the ball rolling in typical flower power style, I’ve got the second edition of teaching you how to make a flower crown. This one’s a uber special one too as it’s the crown I wore to my day job’s Melbourne Cup event late last year!


I had such fun making it and it’s a quintessential Helen statement piece. I don’t do statement THAT much but when I do… well I guess this is what it looks like?

This crown is of a medium thickness so it’s a bit heavier and wider than the last one I showed you.

The technique in forming this flower crown is a little different to the last crown I made. Either technique works so it’s up to you which one you opt for. So let’s get started, what are you waiting for?


What you’ll need

Floral wire

Floral tape

Wire cutter (optional)


Fresh flowers used: tea tree, ageratum, two pink varieties of wax flower


1. To start off, take the wire and measure it against where you’d like it to be around your head. Add a few centimetres extra to this length and then cut the wire. Turn back one end of the wire to make a loop.

At the other end, begin taping and once you’ve taped a couple of centimetres, stop. Now you can turn back this taped end of the wire to make another loop that will act as the “hook” to the first loop. 


2. Continue taping all around until you reach the other end where it ends with the wire loop you made in the beginning. Make sure you wrap the tape so the end of the loop is secured in and taped over.

You need this to be secure as you’ll be using the other loop to hook into this loop, so you don’t want this one to come undone or your crown may fall off your head!


3. Grab bits of flowers and make tiny mixed bouquets. Wrap the stems of these mini bouquets with floral tape so they are secure. Make a heap of them and begin placing them around your head band to design what you want it to ultimately look like.

I arranged this crown to make sure that the flowers were mixed in quite well, without too much of the same type or colour in one section of the crown.


4. Once you feel like you’ve got a design you’re happy with, carefully take the head band away from the arrangement and begin attaching each bouquet in the order you styled.

Start with the first mini bouquet and wrap securely to the head band with floral tape. Then attach each subsequent bunch with more tape, making sure it sits nicely against the base of the previous bouquet. You don’t want them to be too far apart as that will create gaping holes between the flowers. 


5. Continue attaching each mini bouquet all around until you reach the very end of the head band. You may find yourself having to pause a few times and making more mini bouquets because you’ve run out. I know I had to do that more than a couple of times :)

Finally, to wear your flower crown, place it around your head and then carefully hook the one end of the head band into and around the loop.

If you’ve made it the right size, this should stay securely on your head - I managed to wear this for approx 7 hours without it falling off once. Your head might get a bit fatigued from the weight, so I do recommend taking it off every now and then!