Still Life of Flowers in Copper Vase with Fruit

It’s the start of a fresh new week and I’ve never been so excited to share today’s post with you guys! 

As you know, I love my flowers and styling them. So much that I recently took the plunge and pivoted Lime Tree Bower into that direction. Whilst doing table arrangements, events and weddings is so much fun, I wanted to do something new, something that would push my creative boundaries even more.

So I turned to one an interest of mine, one that has been a part of me since my young childhoold…. art. I think it’s the first time I’ve mentioned this, but I actually dreamed of being an artist when I was a young kid! 

Over time as I was exposed to more art and styles, I found myself drawn to two aesthetics that just blew me away: the Impressionists and the still life painters. 

Taking inspiration from the likes of Jan van Huysum and Severin Roesen, I created this artistic flower arrangement: Still Life of Flowers in Copper Vase with Fruit.

Lime Tree Bower Still Life A
Lime Tree Bower Still Life A
Lime Tree Bower Still Life A

Using flowers that commonly featured in old still life paintings, like carnations, roses, irises and lisianthus, I arranged this grand display in a copper vessel that I recently took home with me from Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Still life artists frequently used flowers (and fruit) in their works to represent the fragility of life, its transient nature, which is why you’ll notice in all these paintings, the flowers are not perfect. You’ll notice some older and droopier than others - I find that so beautiful because flowers aren’t perfect, they are supposed to bloom, to wilt and to eventually die. 

We humans have become so obsessed with the “perfect” flower: just about to bloom, petals all in tact and perfect and spot-less. It’s refreshing and to celebrate and observe flowers in their non-perfect, natural state… don’t you think?

Lime Tree Bower Still Life A
Lime Tree Bower Still Life A

Creating this from scratch was such a creative ride - I haven’t had that feeling for so long! 

From the initial design, to picking out the flowers at the markets, to styling, lighting and photography…. it was just magical. I loved being able to intertwine both passions for flowers and art into one. 

I hope you guys love it as much as I do, as the plan is to turn this into a creative series… so watch this space!