The Creatives Picnic


I’m incredibly excited to share with you guys the photos captured from the epic picnic I was a part of a from a few weeks ago!

Do you remember when I shared some awesome moments from that creatives getaway weekend I went on? Well, this is the follow up event from this and my, was it glorious and so much fun.

I met up with a wonderful group of creative ladies - bloggers, shop owners, makers - at Palm Beach and we bonded over beautiful home made food, baked delights, and of course, great conversation.


I was honoured to work with the dream team of Erika and Nia, who asked me to create and style the floral decor for the event. So I got busy and thrilled at the opportunity - thanks ladies!

A picnic is nothing without some flowers to help set the dreamy scene, right?

The look we wanted was something that could be described like this: natural, casual, wild, muted colours… a lot of greenery, maybe a touch of yellow…

I always LOVE to add in a sneaky (or not so sneaky) pop of colour when I can, and create something surprising yet beautiful so I opted for sunflowers because you know… we’re having a picnic under the SUN?? Duh! ;)


What other floral varieties did I use?

Pink and white wax flowers, pieris japonica and dusty miller were must haves in my books, but I also wanted something interesting that was the perfection of elegant casual in white… and I decided to let the flowers on the day of my visit to the flower markets inspire me.

I was really glad I let some inspiration run free at the flower markets. Some white Canterbury bells caught my eye, I was completely gobsmacked by the stunning white David Austin roses that were available that morning, and the tea tree smelled too good to pass on… so I grabbed them all!


I’m so grateful to have met some wonderful fellow creatives that day whilst feasting on such delicious food under the sun.

If you’re predominantly online-focussed, I highly recommend stepping out of your “comfort” zone and connecting with folks in real life. Build community, meet some cool peeps and have some fun whilst you’re at it!

You can never have too many flowers, right guys? :)

PS. For more, read Erika and Jess’ posts!

Image credit: Erika Rax