Wedding Flowers Checklist: What Flowers Do I Need For My Wedding?

Once upon a time, before I got into the wedding flowers business, I remember the time before I had attended my first wedding. In fact, the first ever wedding I attended was for friends of mine, and I had the honour of doing their flowers!

I still remember back then, when I didn't really have a clue of what floral decor one usually needed for their big day. I remember thinking, crap when I get engaged I won't have any idea on what I would need in terms of wedding flowers - help!!! Thinking back to that time has made me wonder that I am probably not alone. I'm sure there are a lot of you out there who are just as much in the dark as I once was.

It's totally okay. Whilst bouquets are obvious, and "those things men put on their suit lapels" (!!!) and then maybe some things for the table centres.... but you're also probably wondering, okay, so what else is there that I need to think about?

And this is where this nifty checklist that I've put together comes in!

You do not need flowers for every single thing on this checklist, unless you're going for the whole shebang and flowers are a major deal for you. I hope this checklist helps you think through all the things, so at least you won't have to worry about whether you've forgotten about something. 

For the most popular, typical items that the average bride has, I've bolded them so you know which ones they are - enjoy!

Wedding Flowers Checklist


The Bridal Party

  • Bridal bouquet, or something less traditional, like a wreath or garland)
  • Bridesmaid bouquets, or something less traditional
  • BoutonniΓ¨res (aka buttonholes) - these are the little arrangements that get pinned on the groom, groomsmen, fathers and mothers of the bride and groom etc
  • Throw away posy - some brides prefer to keep their original bouquet so they can dry it afterwards as a keepsake. So a throw posy is a mini version of your bouquet that you can throw 
  • Wrist corsages - typically for the mothers, flower girls and sometimes the bridesmaids
  • Flower crowns - can be a feature of the bride, bridesmaids or flower girls
  • Flower girl baskets - typically filled with fresh petals and thrown by flower girls as they walk down the aisle during the ceremony

Ceremony decor

  • Pew ends - arrangements tied around the back of chairs or the inner edges of seats along the aisle in a church
  • Altar arrangements - typically at the front if it's a church wedding
  • Floral decor for an archway - if you're using a beautiful archway as a backdrop to where you'll be standing, you might want it decorated with some florals to give it some style and tie it into your wedding theme
  • Floral arrangements to line an aisle - instead of pew ends, you might want some arrangements scattered on the ground to line the aisle area
  • Floral arrangement for the signing table - there's usually a small table to one side of where you'll be standing. At some point during the ceremony, a few of you will need to sit down at the table to sign the marriage certificate. You might want a touch of florals to pretty up that signing scene for photos
  • Fresh petals for guests to throw - some venues allow flowers to be thrown, whilst some don't. Double check with your venue about their rules here and if you're allowed, you may want to have some baskets for your guests to pass around so they can shower you with flowers as you walk down the aisle on your way out!

Reception decor

  • Bridal table decor - this could be floral arrangements scattered along the length of your table mixed in with candles, or a floral garland that runs along the outside edge. Your table is the main feature since that's where you'll be sitting, so think about how much decoration you'd like to have on it and from the point of view of where guests will be sitting looking at your table, and for photography
  • Guest table decor - usually guest tables feature some sort of decorative centrepiece, usually with flowers and candles. Think about the height, usually something relatively low so people can see and talk to each other easily, or very tall if you're going for something more dramatic. It also depends on the table set up and how much space there will be on the tables
  • Entrance/welcome table decor - a medium-large arrangement at the entrance typically provides lovely gesture for guests when they arrive
  • Dessert table decor - a small arrangement or two is usually placed on the dessert table if you're having one, so it ties in with your theme
  • Gift table decor - if you're having a separate gift table, you might want to consider adding something extra here to make it look welcoming
  • Cake florals - did you want fresh flowers to decorate your wedding cake? Typically they are taken off after you've cut the cake, and simply used for decorative purposes. If so, make sure you have your cake provider and florist talk to each other!
  • Cocktail / bar table decor - usually something small as a centrepiece with a tea light or two
  • Lounge area decor - some venues have a seated "lounge" type area that might have a few tables that need some decor
  • Bathroom florals - you might want to have something small to add a touch of something, particularly if the bathrooms aren't top notch