Wedding Flowers Checklist: What Flowers Do I Need For My Wedding?

Photography by  Rachel takes Pictures

Photography by Rachel takes Pictures

When it comes to flowers for your wedding, there's so much to think about, so I thought it would be a great idea to share a summary of all the various elements to consider for yours!

Bridal party flowers

  • Bouquets - for you and for your bridesmaids if you're having any. Bridesmaid bouquets are typically a bit smaller than your one, simpler and less textured or colourful so yours will be the star of the show!
  • Buttonholes / boutonnières - for the groom and groomsmen, something small and pretty that will match in seamlessly with the bouquets. The groom's one is normally the largest and most interesting, in order to stand out from the rest.
  • For the parents - fathers usually get buttonholes, whilst mothers opt for either wrist or pin corsages. 
  • Flower girls - might want to wear a small flower crown, carry a small posy of flowers, or hold a basket of petals to throw as they walk down the aisle.
  • Hair florals - whether it be a flower crown, flower hair comb or loosely wired florals for your hairdresser to weave into the hair, this is something to consider for yourself and your bridesmaids.

Ceremony flowers

  • Ceremony backdrop - depending on the location of your ceremony and where you'll be standing, you might want to consider having something decorative to frame your area. This could be in the form of a traditional arch, or something more contemporary like an organic structure of florals from the ground up, or having a pair of large arrangements on plinths. It creates a beautiful scene for your ceremony photos and for guests after when you're doing group shots too! 
  • Aisle floor petals - different locations have rules around whether you're allowed fresh petals for the aisle, so make sure you check with your venue around this.
  • Petals for guests to throw - again, make sure you check with the venue about this!
  • Chair pews - if you're having rows of chairs for the ceremony, it's often nice to add a touch of floral to the aisle end chairs, in order to tie that into the overall look. If you want something with more impact, you could have floral arrangements on the grounds next to theses aisle chairs too.
  • Ceremony entrance - this is a nice, grand way of making a gesture to announce the "entrance" to your wedding for you and your guests. It could the decorating a door if you're having an indoor wedding, or a tree / arch structure if you're having an outdoor wedding. 
  • Signing table arrangement - something small for the table here is a nice touch, particularly for photos when you guys are doing the legal paperwork.

Reception flowers

  • Guest tables - so many options! It's important to consider the look of the venue when designing the table arrangements. If it's a very large, high ceiling space, it's usually nicer to have taller florals in order to fill that space in. Or you could do it via installations (see below). You can have floral runners, centrepieces in vases, or tall stands, clusters of various vases of flowers together, or even alternating two designs across all the tables (if there's a lot of them!)
  • Bridal table - usually a separate rectangular table facing out towards all the guest tables, it's nice to have something low on the tables themselves, so it doesn't hinder the view of the bridal party and guests.
  • Installations - hanging florals, a feature cascading piece, garlands strung from one side of the room to another... so many ideas, and a great way to make an impressive impact upon arrival for everyone!
  • Reception entrance / welcome table - flowers for the welcome area, or entrance doorway is also a nice way to say hey there, come in!
  • Bar area - a feature arrangement on the edge of the bar area, or if there are small bar stands, having something mall on these ties it nicely into the rest of the space.
  • Lounge / outdoor area - same kind of thing as the bar area, some venues have a lounge area with low tables, so it's usually nice just to add something small to these so it doesn't look neglected.
  • Dessert and/or gift table - having an arrangement on this table adds a nice touch as well!
  • Cake flowers - depending on your cake maker, he/she may want the florist to decorate the cake with flowers or do it themselves, so something to check in on.
  • Bathroom - depending on the state of the bathrooms, you might want something tiny to freshen this area up!