A Florist's 24 Hours Before A Wedding

Ever wondered what florists get up to the day before the wedding?

It's d-day really: the day where all the hard work happens. I've noticed that there isn't not a lot out there when it comes to sharing the behind the scenes of florist life in the lead up to a wedding. I’m not sure why, as I personally love reading articles and posts about other creatives, how they work, and their process... how it all truly comes together. It’s hardly ever glamorous or fun, but it’s always fascinating and just very real.

I’ve decided to share a look into what an average day before looks like for me for a medium sized wedding - think bridal party flowers, some ceremony decor and reception arrangements.

Here’s what 24 hours before a wedding typically looks like, broken down hour by hour… up until the end of the wedding itself - enjoy! :)

Friday - the day before the wedding

  • 4.15am alarm goes off - arghhh, so cold - don’t want to get outta bed :(
  • 4.20am finally out of bed, need to get them flowers! Time to brush my teeth and some tea
  • 4.35am tea half finished, it’s time to roll! we head to the car.
  • 5.00am we arrive at the markets and as always, the parking situation is a disgrace… I hope out of the car and Gareth does his usual drive around to secure a spot!
  • 5.00 ~ 6.30am during this time, I’ll be picking up what I’ve previously ordered and some spontaneous blooms based on what’s locally available that day (which is always the nicest stuff!!!) - Gareth has found a park by now and is helping me to trips to the car to load.
  • 6.30am we head off back to our home studio, triumphant and buzzing!
  • 7.00am we arrive home and begin offloading the car filled with flowers… and placing them in buckets of water.
  • 7.30am time for a breather, Gareth heads off to his day job and I make some breakfast, because by now I am most definitely starving!
  • 8.00am belly filled, I begin floral prep - stripping leaves, dethroning etc...
  • 10.00am I start designing the bridal party flowers: the bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, flower girl posies etc
  • Around 12.00pm - starving again - it’s lunch time!
  • 12.40pm time to design the reception centrepieces. I pre-arrange them so they’ll be more or less ready for on the day.
  • Around 3 or 4pm (depending on how many tables and complexity of the centrepiece arrangements), I clean up the studio a bit and take a breather. Phew!
  • 4.30pm time to design any of the other pieces (if any), such as pew ends, or entrance arrangements etc…
  • 6.00pm dinner o'clock
  • 7.00pm if there's more components to the reception/ceremony left over, then I’ll typically continue working, otherwise things should be pretty much done and i’ll do some cleaning up of the studio space.
  • 8.00pm friday night footy (if i have time ha!)
  • 10.30pm sleeeeeeeeeep!!!

Saturday - wedding day!!!

  • 6.30am alarm goes off - time to get ready, have some brekkie etc.
  • 7.15am the morning is then spent on creating any small items that will not have a water source, such as boutonnieres, corsages, flower crowns etc...
  • 9.00am we pack the car with all the arrangements, buckets of left over flowers and bridal party flowers
  • 9.20am we head off to deliver the bridal party flowers first, sometimes we may need to make two trips - once to where the bride is, and one to the groom
  • 10.15am bridal party flowers successfully delivered! Now assuming we can gain access to the ceremony and/or reception venues, we’d head there to begin setting up.
  • 11.00am we’re at the ceremony venue and begin setting up!
  • 12.00pm happy with everything, we leave to grab some lunch and coffee… before heading to the reception venue
  • 1.00pm once at the reception venue (assuming we were able to gain access this early!!), we can begin offloading and set up of the space
  • 3.00pm I do a final walk through to triple check everything looks great, take some quick photos and head home!
  • 10.45pm sometimes, we may need to head back to the reception venue to pack down the florals, particularly if we’ve hired out a lot of vases. If that’s the case, we’d leave home around this time.
  • Around 11.30pm we arrive at the reception and begin pack down, and load up the car. 
  • Around 12-12.15am venue packed up, car loaded, we now head home…. and crash into bed soon after :) success!

All up, it’s typically a non-stop two day effort! My superstar partner Gareth is awesome, he helps with driving, heavy lifting, logistics, my stress levels... whereas I head up all the creative direction and the making. The day dafter is bliss, we take things slower to recuperate, sleep in and just chill out.

I love seeing the wedding all put together at the end: from personally delivering the bridal party flowers and seeing the delight in people’s faces, to making a venue look handsome, and sometimes even bumping into the bride and groom pre or post reception, and sharing a beautiful moment with them!

They’re in love, they LOVE the flowers and they’re just really, really happy. Which makes me happy :) It’s definitely a lot of hard, laborious work behind the scenes, but it's totally worth it. Just to experience that beautiful moment with them!

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