Why I Decided to Publish My Prices

Organising a wedding can get expensive real fast, and it’s really actually quite time consuming isn’t it? There’s a lot to think about and research in various aspects, it’s not just the florals although that can certainly play a big part for many brides. 

I’ve been thinking about the types of conversations I frequently have with brides and how frustrating this process can be. How can I contribute to making at least the floral process easier for brides? I’ve actually been engaged since August 2015 and just thinking about the prospect of planning and organising with vendors gives me a headache.

So after much thought, I’ve decided to publish a Lime Tree Bower wedding flowers price guide.

I want to make one thing clear though - the guide is purely indicative - this means that it’s meant to be a starting ballpark of what to expect items to cost, as opposed to a hard and fast figure.

Pricing of items can vary significantly due to a number of factors. Let’s take a bouquet as an example of considerations that factor into the price:

  • Bouquet size - is it standard? Extra large? Small?
  • Bouquet style - is it a classic round posy? Hand-tied and wild? Cascade? Wreath?
  • Bouquet complexity - how much texture? Do you want just one type of flowers or a mix of different kinds?
  • Seasonality of flowers - do you specifically want peonies in winter? Are you after orchids? Or are you happy with whatever is in season locally?
  • Delivery logistics - where do you want the bouquet to be delivered to in Sydney? Or is it somewhere in regional NSW? What time of the day?

All these are factors that need to be considered and have a contribution to the ultimate price of the bouquet. Does that make sense?

So if you’re after how much exactly your wedding flowers will cost, don’t expect the figures in our price guide to give that to you. Every bride’s floral requirements are different and as a result, the pricing can differ substantially from bride to bride. Just like your wedding dress and your venue package won’t be the exact same price as your friend’s wedding - unless of course it’s exactly the same!! ;)

In fact I truly believe that this is the key reason why most florists and creative service providers avoid publishing their prices publicly. They want to avoid being pigeon holed by a prospective bride in the figures they quote, compared to what’s listed on their guide. This is definitely something I’d like to explore deeper in a separate blog post. 

So how will the wedding price guide help brides?

I believe it helps solve a couple of  problems I’ve noticed:

  1. If you don’t work in the wedding or floristry industry, I don’t think it’s fair to expect you to know how much to expect items to cost. Totally fair, and it’s no surprise that too often brides will have floral budgets that don’t fit in with what their requirements are at all. The price guide will help inform brides of how much things are, so they can be better informed when budgeting.
  2. It can be time consuming playing email ping pong with multiple wedding suppliers. What tends to take up a lot of the time in the early stage communications with all suppliers is pricing. To make the process more efficient for both of us, the price guide will help you make decisions faster, to avoid you spending 20 minutes filling out my requirements form and then realising afterwards that we won’t be a good fit.

You’ll also notice in the price guide that it only covers a shortlist of items and services that we provide. I’ve specifically decided on listing those that are the most commonly requested and easiest to provide a ballpark for. 

I’d love to know whether you find this useful and if you have any feedback - perhaps there’s something that you think should be listed? Or you want me to go into more detail on a particular aspect that I’ve touched upon in this post. I’ve got some ideas so would appreciate hearing yours!