We're incredibly excited to be offering wedding design and styling, allowing us to spread our magic beyond just flowers, to all the other visual elements of your event. We'll work together with you, to ensure that every detail is consistently gorgeous, aligned to your style guide and on its A-game!

You can think of event design & styling as the yin/yang to event planning & coordination. The latter is more about the logistics and execution side of things - using a wedding reception as an example, this would be things like figuring out how to get the bridal party to the reception venue after the ceremony, what time the speeches are and when the DJ will start playing music. Whilst on the other hand, design & styling is the creative direction, such as figuring out what the table linen will like, what the wedding cake will look like, the look of the candles and how many on each table etc.

There's a lot in the details when it comes to creating a cohesive visual aesthetic end to end, and we'd be thrilled to collaborate with you to bring it to life, including working with you on the:

  • Full style guide
  • Event concept and design of each space
  • Sourcing and coordination of all decorative elements
  • On the day set up and pack down of the venue

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