1 | How We Work

As every wedding vendor has their own way of working, we thought it would be useful to share a deeper insight into how we work at Lime Tree Bower:


Our design process

We like to approach each wedding as an empty canvas and treat each one uniquely. This means that all of our weddings are 100% bespoke and tailored to fit our couple’s style and personalities.

We'd never mimic an existing design, whether that be someone else’s work or even our own portfolio of work, but we can draw inspiration from it.

We aren’t satisfied with the status quo and try to push creative boundaries and come up with new, creative designs and solutions to problems.

Oftentimes, this can mean that it is quite difficult for us to be overly specific about how something will look on the day, until we have created it. This is why sharing visual inspiration and understanding your colour palette and overall theme of your wedding is vital to ensure we are all on the same page.

For this reason, we work at our best when our couples have a high level of trust in our ability to deliver something amazing, without stressing over the nitty gritty. This enables us to truly create magic and go above and beyond. You can be prepared to be wowed on the day!

When it comes to working with fresh flowers, we try our best to provide you with examples of what might be in season for your wedding week. However with global warming and the unpredictability of mother nature, it’s hard to ensure what will or won’t be available at any given time. We always recommend our couples bear this in mind to avoid disappointment. We like to understand your flower likes and dislikes, so we can gain a deeper understanding of what would suit you best.


Behind the scenes and on the day

Behind every Lime Tree Bower wedding, significant preparation work ensures that we are set to execute on the week and day of the wedding. This is not limited to the actual physical designing of the decor, and early morning flower market visits.

Here’s a snapshot summary of what’s involved for each wedding, behind the scenes: 

  • Planning & admin - from the moment that you engage with us up until the week of your wedding, we keep notes on everything that we’ve discussed. We continuously update your notes in our system in real time, so that we can easily understand the state of play at any one time. On average, our email correspondence with our couples usually span at least 70 emails. This equates to nearly 24 hours of email communications alone for a single wedding client.

  • Designing - as each wedding is bespoke, we spend time designing every element of your wedding. We factor in your overall theme, colour scheme, floral preferences, and other environment factors such as the venue style, the indoor/outdoor location risks (like wind!).

  • Sourcing & ordering - we source, order and pick up all the decorative elements involved with your wedding scope, whether that be fresh flowers from our trusted growers, paper goods, styling props or something custom that we’ve included in the final brief.

  • Scheduling - a big part of every wedding is the physical execution and set up of it all. To ensure each of our weddings run smoothly, we are obsessive about our scheduling. We create minute by minute runsheets for our team, covering the days of preparation in the lead up to the event itself, set up on site, and after hours bump out at the end of the wedding. Logistical problem solving and planning is key to ensuring that our team is over-prepared for not only your big day but the days before.

  • Preparation - during the week of your wedding day, we begin physically preparing at our studio. We ready all the the sundries, props, and equipment that we’ll need for your wedding. Then in the last days coming up to your wedding, we head to the flower markets at 4am to pick up your flowers, take them back to the studio and begin designing. There’s never enough time on-site at venues to create everything from scratch, so most of the hard work is usually done in the lead up.

  • On the day logistics - on the big day, the LTB team mobilises to deliver and set up your wedding styling. This can involve juggling multiple timelines and venues, but planning and executing smoothly is key to a stress-free event. Oftentimes we also carry out after hours pack down of styling following the end of your reception.


Timeline: what to expect

Once you’ve finished reading this part, and decide that you’re on board for an LTB wedding, there’ll be a requirements form on the following page for you to fill out.

You can expect to hear from us within the next couple of days with an initial quote and any follow up questions.

Further refinement and collaborative discussions normally take place after this, usually via email or phone as they are easiest for our clients. If it is more complex, we may have an in person consult or video call depending on where you are located. Ultimately, we get to a point where you feel comfortable and happy to move ahead with locking the date in, which is when we issue you an invoice and our service agreement.

A 30% deposit of the initial invoice amount locks in your date, with the remainder due one month before your wedding.

From there, we regularly keep in touch. Depending on the scope of your event, we'll keep you up to date with our design process and confirm any details or questions you may have as they arise, via email or phone.   

Around a week out from your big day, we'll confirm on the day logistics with you and the venue coordinators, so that you can rest easy and enjoy a stress-free day.

On your wedding day, 99% of the time you won't hear from us at all, but we've got your contacts on speed-dial - just in case we can't find the doorbell to deliver your flowers!



Ultimately, creative trust is absolutely vital for us to work together with you. With years of experience and raving clients, we sincerely hope that you can trust us to create magic for your special day.

We love going above and beyond for our special couples, and the best way for us to do this is for you to have trust in us.

If you don’t feel 100% ready yet and need more time, we invite you to read our past couples’ reviews, get to know us better through Instagram, or just give us a buzz (+61 402 543 278) to have a quick chat.

With a thousand other things on your wedding to-do list, we certainly don't want you to stress out about the details - that's what we’re here for.

We also know that we may not be your perfect fit. If you didn’t enjoy going through any of this experience, or don’t like the sound of how we design and work.. that is totally okay. We’re sure you’ll be able to find your perfect match out there!


We hope you found the above useful, as we know it can be quite daunting trying to find someone to create magic on such a special day. Ultimately, finding someone who you wholeheartedly trust and click with is the key to having a stress-free wedding - not only in the lead up to it, but on the day itself.

We also know from our experience with our past couples, that it’s often tricky to figure out how much to allocate spend-wise on your flowers and decor. For our next part, we’ve compiled three case studies of real weddings that we’ve had the pleasure in being a part of. We hope this will provide you with an approximate baseline of what a particular spend might realistically entail in terms of decorative scope.