Wedding Floral design Price Guide

We realised that the pricing of many wedding services can be quite opaque, which can be frustrating for couples, and makes it difficult for you to do any sort of accurate wedding budgeting.

We get this.

We also get why this is the case for the industry - for most wedding services, the offerings are so bespoke that it's just incredibly difficult to set a price guide, like you would expect from a restaurant.

Wedding florals are no different. Your budget will influence the grandeur of the flowers designed to decorate your wedding, but we also want to help you out a bit. So that you're not completely in the dark!

Why is the price guide 'indicative'?

Floral design is very different to straight out copying an image of a bouquet. There's no design in the latter, that's basically stealing and not something we would ever do.

We collaborate with you to create original designs, tailored to your theme and style, intermixed with our signature floral flair.

The pricing below is indicative, which means it's purpose is to help provide you with a rough indication of what a particular item would be regularly priced at. 

What varies the price for any one particular item?

Prices can vary due to volume, complexity of styling and flower range, seasonality of flower varieties requested, location of venues etc.

You might have come across wedding blogs online recommending a percentage of your total wedding budget being allocated to florals. This will differ per couple, but for a super vague ballpark, you could look at 10-20%  as a guideline. 

Why do some floral designers state a minimum price point?

There's a lot of logistics, labour and time on-site involved in creating floral magic for a bespoke event. Most wedding venues provide a limited set up period, which means multiple hands are needed in order to successfully set up a venue before guests are due to arrive.

All this, combined with travel to/from the venue, delivery of bridal party flowers and sometimes, packing down the venue post-wedding, makes up the entire floral logistics of a wedding. This can be often forgotten about until after you receive a quote from a vendor, so a minimum price point considers this in mind from the start.

When we provide you with a quote, you'll receive a break down of the logistics from the floral designs themselves. As a ballpark, this usually ends up being approximately 15% of the total floral investment. Bear in mind that the more involved the floral designs are, the more logistics is involved, such as floral arches and ceiling installations.

Bridal party

Bridal bouquet $200

Bridesmaid bouquets $160

Buttonholes $18

Flower crowns $85

Wrist corsages $33


Pew ends $30

Archway styling starts from $400+


Table centrepieces vary significantly depending on the design - a vase arrangement like this is about $100-150, whereas a floral centrepiece like this can be $150-200.

All pricing is exclusive of GST.