Coronavirus FAQ for Your Wedding Plans

Coronavirus FAQ for Your Wedding Plans

What a strange and interesting time that we’re currently living through! By now, you would have heard from us, if you had an original wedding date planned for 2020. It’s been an unprecedented time for all of us with Coronavirus / COVID-19 making its march across the Universe, and we hope you’ve all been keeping healthy & safe as much as possible during this time.

Throughout our conversations with many you regarding how your wedding plans have or may change, we decided it would be ideal to spin up a FAQ. Recognising also that new government legislation is continuously adapting, we will try our best to maintain relevance here as best we can.

1. During the current climate, what should I be doing with my wedding planning?

We encourage you to continue planning your wedding as if it is still going ahead. Beyond Coronavirus, life will go on and so should your planning! There’s nothing worse than dropping everything now in the midst of the chaos, and then have to scramble later on to organise everything last minute.

2. My wedding is in the second half of 2020, what should I do?

We encourage you to wait until at least July to make a decision about a potential postponement. At this stage, with new government policies changing every week and the uncertainty of the pace of spread and containment of Coronavirus, it’s too early to tell until at least mid-year. At the very least for peace of mind, we recommend understanding your venue’s postponement policies and a potential back up date could be.

As of 31st March, the NSW lock down will last 90 days, ending 29th June 2020. We can imagine that things would take a few weeks to settle down further. This is a good ballpark date to re-assessing your wedding plans.

3. If I need to postpone my wedding, will I lose my deposit/have to pay an extra fee?

If you end up needing to postpone your wedding, we simply change dates for you. Your original deposit has always been non-refundable (as per standard policy), so this doesn’t change.

We will not be charging a ‘change of date’ fee due to any date changes as a result of the Coronavirus.

4. What if you’ve already got another wedding booked in for my new date?

Whilst both Helen & Brenna are full-time, it is absolutely impossible for us to deliver high quality magic that we pride ourselves on, week in and week out, without our amazing regular team of design & support staff whom we work with frequently. We have strong experience in putting on more than one wedding a day, and thereby well equipped to coordinate several events on the same day.

This means there is a very small chance that we won’t be able to cater to your new date change, however we definitely recommend double checking your new date options with us just in case. We’ve found that many venues have offered clients with more than one postponement date option, which they then send through to all their vendors (including us) to determine which is the most ideal date.

5. What if my guest numbers drop significantly and I need to change my scope?

As per standard policy terms, any scope changes are limited to a 20% reduction of the value of the total initial invoice. A revised invoice will be issued following any alterations, which replaces all previous invoices.

For example, if your initial invoice total was $5,000, you’ll be able to decrease the value down to a maximum of $4,000 due to any scope or wedding size changes.

6. If I postpone my date, when is our final invoice due? Will you offer any payment plans?

If your date ends up being pushed back substantially, we’re happy to discuss a new payment plan in accordance with the new date if you’d like. We understand it’s a difficult time for everyone. As a seasonal small business, relying on partial payments throughout the year helps us a lot, so we are open to discussing how we could work together to figure out a best case scenario.

7. I’m 100% certain I need to postpone my wedding, how do I begin?

  1. Read through your venue & vendor contracts. This will help you understand what your options are moving forward. If you have any questions regarding your vendor’s policies, please reach out to them.
  2. Contact your venue first. Discuss what some new dates could be and be open to considering more than one date, and a different day of the week. This could even work to your advantage, as vendors would be more likely available during the week.
  3. Contact all your other vendors with the new date options. Send an email to your main vendors with the new dates and ask them to confirm their availabilities with you. In most cases, there should be an obvious new date winner, and if not, you may need to consider either more dates with your venue or changing a vendor or two.
  4. Announce the new date to all suppliers. Go back to your venue to confirm the new date, and then reach out to your vendors to let them know too. We even suggest organising a video call with some of them, to get some human interaction in (we’re all missing that!) during this time.
  5. Let your guests know. Your guests are probably worried or uncertain around your upcoming wedding plans, and no doubt how that may impact their plans. Once you have your new date confirmed, send an email or call to let them all know that your wedding is officially postponed to the new date. Be aware that this may mean that some of your guests won’t be able to make it for whatever reason.

8. Now that I’ve postponed my wedding, and a new date has been confirmed. What’s next?

We’ll go about working with you to plan out the rest of your wedding, as per normal! We understand that your wedding might look slightly different from your original plan, so we will work with you to re-customise your experience with any changes.

We completely sympathise with you during this time and please know that it’s okay to feel overwhelmed, confused or even frustrated. All our couples are going through something similar - just know that you are not alone :)

There is support available to you whether it may be from your loved ones, different community groups and even us as your vendor. We’re more than happy to jump in on a video call with you just to have a chat, please feel free to reach out via email if you’d like one.

Here at Lime Tree Bower, we are regularly monitoring the news and legislation changes. We’re 100% committed to supporting you through during this time period with regular check ins and updates. We’re so incredibly grateful to be able to work with you all in creating magic for your wedding, whether that be your original or new postponed date!

Sending you all our love and positive vibes,

Helen & Brenna

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