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Wedding Info & Process

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What wedding services do you offer?


We design, plan and create bespoke weddings that take place around Sydney and faraway destinations.

From the wedding flowers, to the styling and on the day coordination, we can take care of your full wedding design and planning to make your life easier!


What is your approach in working together?


Helen’s love for fine art, fashion design and wanderlust provides the basis from which she draws her inspiration. The Lime Tree Bower team creates and designs whimsical and artistic weddings that are one of a kind, timeless and memorable.

We love emphasising the natural flourish, colours and texture of mother nature and honouring that in our designs - pairing that with our love affair for soft fabric textures, fruit and berries, and beautiful ceramics.

Our approach begins with getting to know you and understanding your personal aesthetic, personalities and priorities. From there, we’ll work with you to curate your wedding aesthetic and scope details. As each wedding is custom designed, it’s oftentimes difficult to be specific or have exact imagery to showcase what everything will ultimately look like. This is where we hope that you have a high level of trust and confidence in us, as it allows us to truly go above and beyond, wowing you on the day!


How much should we expect to spend?


Every couple’s budget is different and it depends on a wide variety of factors, such as the wedding/guest size, the scope, location, design preferences… this is incredibly difficult to answer since it varies so much.

Bear in mind that with each wedding we take on, no matter the size, we spend a considerable amount of designing, planning, scheduling and triple checking every detail. We obsess over all the details - the flowers, the colour tones, the weather, the schedule… All of this takes a considerable amount of time - not only on the day itself (i.e. on the day logistics), but from the very first moment that we begin chatting about your wedding scope.

From our past clients, we find they often fall into the following spend brackets: $4-7k for smaller/simpler weddings, $8-11k for medium sized weddings, and $12k+ for larger scale weddings.



Do you cater for bridal party only flowers, like bouquets etc? I don’t need anything else.


We do! In fact, we’ve made it 10x easier for you by creating an online shop for you.

Simply add to cart what you need, trust us to create magic and within minutes, you’re wedding flowers are sorted!

Click here to start shopping.


How far ahead should I send an enquiry?


Generally speaking, it’s ideal to start reaching out to your florist / stylist once you’ve booked in a venue and date.

We find this is often either approximately 10-12 months or 6-8 months prior to the wedding. Popular wedding season periods tend to fall across Spring and Autumn, so we do recommend getting in touch earlier rather than later if your wedding date falls within these seasons.

Note that whilst we do sometimes take on multiple events on the same day, it ultimately depends on the size of those events and whether we have team capacity to accommodate them.